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Howdy 03-26-07 05:10
Hey Elowel,

Its been a while. How have you been?
So I guess we are opening up the first "Terror Free" Oil gas station.

(sarcasm) Isn't that super exciting?

Sometimes I think people think that we will fall for anything. I understand the point behind the idea, but who of you is going to possibly going to pay more for oil that is supposedly "terror free". That'd be like paying extra for cocaine because it didn't come from a Columbian drug cartel.

Patriotism rocks.

Robots deserve rights to. 12-28-06 15:04
So apparently the UK is very worried about robots in the future wanting to have the same rights as humans. I kind of thought the US spent money on horrifically stupid studies but this one may just take the cake.

Robots May Want Rights

At least it won't be an issue for another 20 years, and even then it will be just like the immigration issue today with those damn Mexicans. (I kid)
So its time for you to make a decision, should we let robots vote? I think yes.

Please note, if the word dick offends you, probably shouldn't watch this.
But if it doesnt, hilarity ensues.
OhEmGee. 12-17-06 23:36
OMG that was the best concert ever. Its probably the first time I've ever thought, "I think I would like to join those people down there in the pit"

Tilly and The Wall is Hott. The singer lady was up in the balcony for a while . Guh.


P.S. sorta drunk.
Damn you Blizzard. 12-05-06 10:33
So last night I made it a point to get about 44k in Honor Points last night so that I can go up a rank or 2 in WoW.
Come to find out in today's patch they revamped the honor system completely. I haven't been able to log on and see if its any good, but from what I read my honor may have gotten completely reset. And that makes me sad. Very sad.

Thats my life.
I know Kung Fu 10-31-06 10:40

I fought demons this Halloween. What'd you do?
Happy Halloween! 10-28-06 00:43
I know its early, but since I work on Halloween, I thought I'd show some Halloween "love".


Todays Youth. 10-09-06 19:57
[21:27] Trevor: THE BRETT
[21:27] AgentDuo: yo
[21:27] Trevor: watcha doin man
[21:27] AgentDuo: gettin ready to goto our sisters
[21:27] AgentDuo: to watch the kids for the night
[21:28] Trevor: oh
[21:28] AgentDuo: oh, and i'm bringing sexy back
[21:28] AgentDuo: yeah.
[21:28] AgentDuo: thats what i'm doing
[21:28] Trevor: loo
[21:28] Trevor: lol
[21:28] Trevor: wow man
[21:28] Trevor: have fun with that
[21:28] Trevor: that song is ghay
[21:28] Trevor: one of my friends has that song on ther myspace
[21:28] AgentDuo: never heard it
[21:28] AgentDuo: i just know what it is for.
[21:29] Trevor: whats it for?
[21:29] AgentDuo: well i mean, what it means
[21:29] AgentDuo: in reference to the song
[21:29] Trevor: whats it mean
[21:29] AgentDuo: ...
[21:29] AgentDuo: that i'm bring sexy back
[21:29] AgentDuo: you idiot.
[21:29] Trevor: lmao
[21:29] Trevor: ok
[21:30] Trevor: great
[21:30] Trevor: that pretty much all it says in the song
[21:30] Trevor: tommorrow is BLING BLING DAY
[21:30] Trevor: at skewl
[21:31] Trevor: imma sag and were some foil over my teeth
[21:31] AgentDuo: thats uh'
[21:31] AgentDuo: ...
[21:31] AgentDuo: i dont even know what that is thats so dumb.
[21:31] Trevor: lol
[21:31] Trevor: today was greek day
[21:32] AgentDuo: hm
[21:32] AgentDuo: and what'd you do for that
[21:32] Trevor: nothin
[21:32] Trevor: cuz thats one was pretty gay
[21:32] Trevor: ppl wore bed sheets for togas
[21:33] AgentDuo: oh and bling bling day isnt gay.
[21:33] Trevor: its better
[21:33] AgentDuo: i spose
[21:33] AgentDuo: what are the rest of the days
[21:33] Trevor: im not sure

That is a conversation with my little brother. I often ponder what they teach him in school because he obviously isn't learning to spell or use proper english. Beyond that, Bling Bling day?! When I was in school we had Hat day for homecoming. While Bling Bling day sounds exciting, I somehow doubt that promoting my younger brother to wear foil on his teeth (which I'm pretty sure is bad for you) is a bad thing. And if that doesnt make you laugh, I managed to pour scalding hot water on myself today while filling up a mop bucket at work, laid the hose down, and turned the handle the wrong way and whoosh. Instant pain from the waist down. I ponder if I'll be able to have children, not that I want them but even so, if I did. Also while pulling bleachers I stepped on my jean leg somehow and ripped not one but both of my pantlegs on my trashy work pants about halfway up the back. And through all that, I still managed to clean my area. Go me.
Bathroom Etiquette 10-02-06 18:07

Quite funny, apparentely made by a game called The Movies that I had never heard of before until 2 days ago.
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